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Choke Manifold

1.The choke manifold is the necessary device to implement well pressure control technology. It works on controlling the pressure, maintaining pressure balance inside the well and avoiding overflow and blowout;

2.To get to soft shut-in by choke valve pressure release, and to protect well mouth by open flow;

3.The choke line manufactured by our company conforms to the API 16C, NACE MR0175 Standards;

4.Special choke lines can be designed and made according to users' needs.

5.In case of malfunction of one chock valve, it is needed to close the upper and down valves and put the down valve of another chock valve into work;

6.When it needs open flow, it is necessary to open the flow valve and close the inlet valve of drilling liquid-gas separator; 

7.By means of chocking effect of chock valve, the chock manifold can work on the well control, replace the polluted drilling liquid, control the casing pressure and stand pipe pressure of well mouth and recover the pressure on well bottom caused by drilling liquid and curb overflow;

8.Pressure relief function of chock valve can be used to reduce pressure of well mouth and realize "soft shut in";

9.Releasing liquid (gas) largely by straight flow valve can reduce the casing pressure of well mouth and protect well mouth blowout preventer unit.

SpecificationCold working pressMain diameter, side diameter     mm(in)
Working temperature: -29~121ºC;   
Product specification level: no less than PSL3;
material grade (valve, joint): EE-FF;
Working medium: mud, petroleum, natural gas

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