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Hammer Union

Our company provides hammer hammers for various pipeline connections, including three types of screw connection, welding and hydrogen sulfide gas, specifications 1 "~ 4", cold working pressure 7MPa ~ 140MPa (1000Psi ~ 20,000Psi) . In order to facilitate identification, different pressure levels are marked with different colors, and there are obvious specifications of the connection form and pressure level mark on the wing nut.

Ordinary Union (thread connection) specifications and models are: FIG100, FIG200, FIG206, FIG400, FIG402, FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1502; the rated working pressure is between 7MPa (1000psi) to 105MPa (15000psi).

Welding specifications include: FIG20, FIG60, FIG1002, FIG1502, and FIG2002; the rated working pressure is between 14MPa (2000psi) to 140MPa (20000psi).

Hydrogen sulfide resistant welding union by specification model: FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1502, FIG2202, Tr120 × 6, Tr150 × 6, Tr180 × 8; the rated working pressure is between 35MPa (5000psi) to 105MPa (15000psi).

Reliable tightness:

The sealing ring is made of imported rubber, which greatly improves the pressure bearing capacity and sealing performance, and protects the joint from corrosion. The type of seal varies with pressure and application.

Fast installation:
Whether in any position or space, the design of wing nut and rigid self-locking ACME thread has the characteristics of fast tightening and unloading without special tools.

High interchangeability:
All union structures and connection dimensions can be interfaced with international products, all in inch sizes; union seals are fully interchangeable with SPM and FMC products from the United States; specifications and pressure marks on wing nuts are formed by die forging at one time .


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