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  • Wellhead Christmas Tree

  • Wellhead Christmas Tree

  • Wellhead Christmas Tree

  • Wellhead Christmas Tree

  • Wellhead Christmas Tree

Wellhead Christmas Tree

1.Wellhead devices and tree can be divided into oil production wellhead devices, gas recovery wellhead devices, fracturing and acidification wellhead devices, thermal recovery wellhead devices, and other wellhead devices. Wellhead device and tree are mainly assembled by gate valve, throttle valve, three - way, four - way, plug valve emergency cut - off valve and other pressure components.

2.Wellhead and Christmas tree equipment is an important equipment of oil and gas drilling, the casing head, tubing head, oil (gas) tree of three parts, used to connect the casing string and tubing string, and the sealing between the layers of casing and tubing annulus, and can control the production wellhead pressure and adjust the oil (gas) wellhead flow, also can be used in acid fracturing, injection, testing and other special operations.

3.Working Pressur:2000PSi,3000PSi,5000PSi,10000PSi,15000PSi,

1.Nominal diameter:2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16,4-1/16,

2.Specification level:PSL1,PSL2,PSL3,PSL3G,PSL4

3.Performance levels:PR1,PR2

4.Material level:AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH

5.Temperature level:K,L,N,P,S,T,U,V

6.Working Medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2

7.Execution standard:API 6A, NACE MR0175

8.Main Components: Casing Head , Tubing Head , FC type Gate Valves,  Flange, Cross, Choke Valve, Casing Hangers, Tubing Hangers, Pressure Gauges,etc.

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