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Swivel Joint

1.Swivel joint is cementing and fracturing equipment High Pressure Fluid Control Products. Hammer union is to change direction and to facilitate the construction of the pipeline connecting the pipe line connection.Widely used in the acidic operating environment (excluding containing CO2, H2S sour gas operating environment) in the high-pressure discharge line, input line, a temporary flow line, well testing, and other high-voltage transmission lines on pipelines. Swivel joint specifications are 1½ "~ 4" in, rated working pressure of 42MPa ~ 105MPa, working temperature -46 ℃ ~ 121 ℃.
2.The high pressure swivel joint has been widely applied in the condition of acid working, mainly including the high pressure discharge pipe, intake pipe, temporary flow pipe, well-testing pipe and pipes of fluid transportation under other high-pressure conditions;
3.The well-designed 1½ "~4" long sweep swivel joint possesses the cold working pressure of 42Mpa~105Mpa (6000psi~15000psi), with 10 different types. It can be rotated by 360° along one direction, two directions or three directions. The company can also provide 90 degree swivel joints with different types and repair kits under the conditions of normal temperature, low temperature and sulfurous gas.

Main Technical Parameters of swivel joint

⑴.90 degree swivel joint is connected with 10 type, 20 type,30 type, 40 type, 50 type, 60 type, 70 type,80 type, 90 type, 100 type union, and common connection modes are as below:


Common high pressure swivel joint specifications:

Namebuckling sizecold working pressTerminal connection typeBuckle modelModel
Long Sweep 
Swivel Joint
3 "
4 "

screw thread(Tr100×12)
screw thread(Tr110×8)
10 type
20 type
30 type
40 type
50 type
60 type
70 type
80 type
90 type
100 type
F ×F
Remark:   ①.The connection type of swivel joints can be design as users’ needs
                ②.“F”-threaded joint,“M”-sphere joint
                ③.How to place an order:3"×105Mpa(15000psi)-fig1502(F×M)-type10

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