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Check valve

1. The product is designed and manufactured in full compliance with API spec 6A and can be used interchangeably with domestic and foreign equipment in compliance with API spec 6A. This valve is a check valve. It relies on the pressure of the medium to achieve the metal seal between the valve core and the valve body, the greater the medium pressure, the better the sealing performance. The valve cavity can withstand line pressure at any time.

2. The valve body is made of alloy steel forging, with strong mechanical properties, can withstand high pressure, with safe and reliable performance. The bonnet and valve body are bolted together, and the seal is the sealing ring on the bonnet and the inner wall of the valve body. The sealing performance is reliable. It provides minimal assembly clearance between bonnet and body (designed to be 0), thereby reducing erosion of bolts and holes by corrosive media and reducing bolt loads.

3. Hardalloy is hardfaced on the core and sealing surface of the valve body, so that it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The core material should use sulfur-proof steel, and other parts should use the method of limiting hardness, so that the valve can be used in the environment containing H2S.

4. Install the valve body into the pipeline according to the flow direction on the valve body. The valve core by the upper and lower pressure to achieve movement and sealing so that the valve core can not be stuck.

1. One-way flow of working medium.

2. Working pressure: 2,000 psi ~ 20,000 psi

3. Nominal diameter: 2.1/16 "~ 4.1/16" (52mm ~ 103mm)

4. Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud, H2S and CO2 gas

5. Operating temperature: -46°C ~ 121°C (LU level)

6. Material level: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH

7. Specification level: PSL1 ~ 4

8. Performance level: PR1 ~ 2

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