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Casing Head

1. The casing head is a component connecting the casing and various wellhead devices. To support the gravity of the technical casing and reservoir casing, to seal the annular space between each casing, to provide a transition connection for the installation of upper wellhead devices such as bop, tubing head and tree, and through the two side openings in the casing head body, to perform the cementing, monitoring well sinking, and injection balancing operations.

2. The casing head produced by our company is a standard structure, and the casing hanger of our company is installed in the shell, and the casing hanger of different sizes and specifications can be selected according to the casing program and wellhead conditions. The upper part of this body is either an API 6B flange or an API 6BX flange. Bushing head side wing valve configuration, according to the user needs to design;

3. The casing head options are:

A. The lower part of the casing head can be the API standard round thread casing master connection or API standard partial trapeziform casing thread master connection, or the plug-in type casing connection or the slip type casing connection.

B. Welded support chassis can be provided.

C. There are two types of side outlet: pipe thread type and wire type. The threaded side port is machined with ri2/1 "female thread of valve changer.

D.W type casing hanger,W type casing hanger,WD type casing hanger

E. Threaded or welded bottom connection casing head

4. According to the number of suspended casing layers, it can be divided into single-stage casing head, double-stage casing head and three-stage casing head; The single-stage casing head is generally used in low pressure shallow formation production Wells. The double-stage casing head is suitable for most of the areas where the formation pressure is relatively clear, with more usage. Three-stage casing head is usually used in high pressure deep well or exploration well.

Pressure rations psi (MPa)2000~20000 psi(13.8~105 MPa)Product specification levelPSL 1 ~ PSL 4
Temperature rationsK~UPerformance requirementPR1,PR2
Material classAA~HHSuitable mediumPetroleum, natural gas, mud etc.

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