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  • Ball Screw  Gate Valve

  • Ball Screw  Gate Valve

  • Ball Screw  Gate Valve

  • Ball Screw  Gate Valve

  • Ball Screw  Gate Valve

Ball Screw Gate Valve

Ball screw gate valves are designed for large caliber, high pressure manual valves. The valve combines the tail balance lever and the unique ball ball principle to make its operation light, low torque, easy to operate. Its diameters range from 3 1/16 "to 9" and its pressures range from 10,000 psi to 20,000 psi.

Product features:

1. Two-way downstream sealing structure, which improves the service life;

2. Fixed metal seal (between gate and seat and seat and body);

3. Simple and reliable gate and seat design can reduce field service;

4. Sealing ring between seat and body helps seal at low pressure. They also prevent granular contaminants from entering the body chamber and sealing area;

5. Stem seal design covers all pressure classes, temperature ranges, and all fluid conditions encountered in wellhead and manifold environments;

6. Metal seal between bonnet and valve body, up to 20000psi working pressure;

7. Reverse stem seal structure allows valve to replace stem seal under pressure drive;

8. To ensure safety, grease injection device can be placed on the stem after inverted seal. The device can be placed on the bonnet to eliminate body leakage.

9. Ball screw can effectively improve the switching efficiency and reduce the switching torque, which is more conducive to opening and closing the valve easily and quickly.

A.Working Pressur:2000PSi,3000PSi,5000PSi,10000PSi,15000PSi,20000psi

B.Nominal diameter:2-1/16,2-9/16,3-1/16(3-1/8),4-1/16,5-1/8,7-1/16

C.Specification level:PSL1,PSL2,PSL3,PSL3G,PSL4

D.Performance levels:PR1,PR2

E.Material level:AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH

F.Temperature level:K,L,N,P,S,T,U,V

G.Working Medium:oil,natural gas,mud and gas containing H2S,CO2

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