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What are the precautions for installing choke manifolds?

Jan. 27, 2020

What are the precautions for installing choke manifolds?
(1). The working pressure of the throttling well manifold, and all connected valves, flanges and throttling well manifolds, must be consistent with the BOP working pressure. Throttle kill manifolds are installed in accordance with standards and valves should be listed.
(2).The blowout preventer has two valves and two side valves, and is in a normally open state. The blowout line control valve must be connected outside the derrick base to throttle the well manifold and take anti-blocking and anti-freezing measures to ensure smooth flow.
(3).The layout of the blowout prevention pipeline should take environmental protection into consideration. Except for the wellhead 75m, the turning angle should be not less than 120 °. Cement-based pier should be fixed with anchor bolts or anchors every 10 ~ 15m.
(4).The pipeline connecting the throttle and the blowout preventer must be straight and the diameter must be not less than 78mm.
(5).Installation of choke kill manifolds A set of choke kill manifolds is used to apply high pressure to oil wells.
(6).A remote-control hydraulic blowout preventer shall be installed between the blowout preventer assembly and the throttled killer manifold. Throttle the manifold, and at least one wing should be equipped with a hydraulic throttle valve.
(7).Throttled kill manifolds cannot be used as pipes for daily drilling fluids

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