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13-5/8" 10000psi Piston Operating for Cameron U Type Bop

Jul. 08, 2021

On June 10, we received an email from a customer in Abu Dhabi, UAE, requiring Cameron "U" BOP piston rod, 20 pieces of 13-5 / 8 "5000PSI and 10 pieces of 13-5 / 8" 10000psi. For safety consideration, the customer needs to produce a sample for confirmation.

According to the e-mail and wechat chat records, the customer is not an end customer, and the given drawings have no detailed size, only the length, but the customer needs to be the same as the standard size of Cameron. Through the research and discussion of the company's technical team, the results can meet the requirements of customers.

After receiving the advance payment from the customer, the technology department will draw the detailed drawing of the piston rod and submit it to the production department for subsequent work arrangement.

After 15 days, the samples were completed and sent to customers by air. The customer gave us a high evaluation after receiving the sample.


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